WOOK wooden smart notebook helps you enhance your productivity via a single touch


WOOK notes is a new smart notebook that uses NFC tech to communicate along with your cellphone and accomplice software. The range of notebooks had been created to inspire you to reach your dreams and offer an easy way to get organised or live effective with a “single touch”.

WOOK Wooden Smart Notebook and Planner Design

The WOOK is a nicely-crafted and superior smart notebook that incorporates eighty cream pages in A5 length. As we can see from the photographs, the notebook comes prepared with hard wood covers crafted from solid all right for sturdiness and natural aesthetics. In the meantime, the non-compulsory styles permit it to meet special private options, and the front cover is customizable thru engraving your very own design.

WOOK Wooden Smart Notebook and Planner Features

The smart notebook capabilities a integrated NFC chip. whilst you place your phone on the notebook, it will routinely set off a number of your phone’s capabilities. Furthermore, the usage of its custom app, you can pick out the features that you want to set off, as an example, you may positioned your cellphone on the notebook to show off its WiFi, sound, mobile data and open calendar for a distraction-free surroundings, or you can also create a enjoyment environment via maximizing sound, turning on Bluetooth, connecting to WiFI and opening Spotify.

Moreover, every WOOK wood smart notebook is handcrafted individually, and the eighty pages are available in 4 different types to fit for one of a kind purpose which includes clean, squared, dotted, and lined. The refillable design permits you to effortlessly change sheets.

WOOK Wooden Smart Notebook and Planner Price

Available with a wide variety of different paper styles including planner, squared, plain, dotted or lined the notebooks are supplied with a free Android smartphone application. The team behind WOOK is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $20 to preorder the wooden smart notebook. It will be shipped in November 2018.