Urbanears Introduced a new line of Connected Speakers: the Stammen and the Baggen


Sweden-based Urbanears is known for its headphones, however it is branching out with a new line of wi-fi speakers that have Google Chromecast integrated, in addition to Bluetooth competencies. it’s launching with two speakers, the Stammen ($350, £300) and the Baggen ($450, £400), which are available in multiple shade alternatives and recreation a minimalist, Scandinavian design. No word yet on Australian pricing, but we’re going to upload it as soon as we get it.

Long story short, the Connected Speakers are colorful noise boxes that you can network together for multi-room sound; you can set them to play the same track in sync, or separate ones. Each unit has Airplay, Chromecast and Spotify Connect capabilities built in too, so blasting Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” from every room while you’re trying to argue for an unpopular rule-change at your house should be pretty easy. If you want to kick it old-school beyond your song selection, there’s Bluetooth connectivity and an aux port too.


With regards to real hardware, Urbanears became capable of take advantage of experience from famed speaker company Marshall — the two proportion a discern agency, Zound Industries — in developing the real sound of the Stammen and Baggen. internal hardware is the other predominant difference between the 2: the smaller Stammen has two tweeters and a subwoofer, whilst the larger Baggen swaps the tweeters for two complete-variety drivers alternatively.

Their look is inconspicuous, with a pair of knobs that control playback and speaker mode (single or multi). everything else, the enterprise says, is dealt with by means of an app. The air-movers are available in a handful of colors to in shape your own home which includes Goldfish Orange, Plant inexperienced, Indigo Blue and grimy crimson. In case you decide upon your song loud, however not your decor, Concrete gray and Vinyl Black are to be had as well. The bigger Baggen model will run $450 each, while the slightly smaller Stammen is priced at $350. Both cross on sale March.