Toyota is set to finance a flying car project that could take flight by 2018

toyota flying car

Japanese automaker Toyota is now joining the list of companies that trying to develop flying vehicles. Toyota and its group companies has now decided to invest a flying car project that some of its employees have been voluntarily working on. The new so-called ‘Skydrive’ cars have been masterminded by the crowdfunded group Cartivator. They hope early models could be used to light the Olympic flame at the 2020 summer games in Tokyo, along with a manned test flight planned for the end of 2018. You can also review Toyota cars on Autoxpedia.

Project members are volunteer engineers from Toyota and other firms. They are trying to produce a car that equipped with 4 rotors and 8 rotor blades, which will enable it to fly like a drone. The Japanese car firm will give engineers £274,000 to develop a flying vehicles that will travel up to 10 metres from the ground.

toyota flying car
toyota flying car

Flying cars are drawing a lot of attention these days, with United States startups and aircraft makers increasingly deciding to enter the sector. Aimed heated competition to develop next-gen mobility, flight is rapidly emerging as a promising answer.

Toyota says that it wants to explore new possibilities by supporting the flying car project. This comes out at a time when company are seeking to develop autonomous car technologies and other advanced technologies.

Regulators have to be convinced the vehicles can be used safely before they develop a licensing system and new laws that would enable them to be commericalised.

Global tech giants including Tesla are said to be interested in the new tech.