The DualFuel windproof lighter doubles as a portable power bank to charge your mobile devices

For persons employed, the power bank lighter might be essential. The DualFuel lately debuted on Kickstarter and has been delighting clients with its noticeably practical aesthetic. Now not best does the product offer fire on-the-go however it also doubles as a source of energy for one’s mobile tool. Its small silhouette makes it enormously handy to carry around however the POWER bank lighter additionally boasts a few more features with a view to truly prove to be useful.

For those one, the flameless coil operates on a smart timer. People can “tap [it] as soon as for eight seconds of regular ignition” earlier than it turns off by way of itself. The DualFuel has a windproof coil, as well as a 360-degree lighting perspective. Similarly, the power bank lighter is compatible with both USB and USB-C connectors.

DualFuel Windproof Lighter Design

The DualFuel is a beautifully-designed, multi-practical windproof lighter that measures 40 x 60 x 17mm and weighs 87g. As we are able to see from the photos, the lighter gives you a swish, minimalistic look design together with classic coatings: matte black and frosted gold. Meanwhile, using the zinc alloy casing, ABS coil casing and stainless-steel additives, the lighter shows off a strong and sturdy creation. The ultra compact design helps you to resultseasily take it with you anywhere.

DualFuel Windproof Lighter Features

The windproof lighter comes equipped with a flameless coil in order to light anything with a 360-degree range without burning your thumb, and the windproof design doesn’t need you to guard the flame with your hand, so it’s ideal for various outdoor adventures. Furthermore, its smart timer allows it to give you a 8 seconds of constant ignition with a tape, and it effectively avoids fire hazards. Moreover, it features built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery , so the DualFuel works as a portable power bank with a USB port and a USB-C port to charge your mobile devices.

DualFuel Windproof Lighter Price

The team behind DualFuel is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $45 to preorder the windproof lighter with power bank. It will be shipped in July 2019.