Sony PlayStation VR Will Cost £349 In The UK


Sony has finally been given an official release date and pricing for PlayStation VR headset. Sony already announced that there would be fifty VR games available when the PlayStation VR launches, including a special Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing Mission, Resident Evil 7, and a Batman: Arkham mystery experience. The level of support on display from major developers indicates that Virtual Reality is about to make a splash into the consumer market in a big way. Unfortunately, if the hands-on impressions of the merchandise are to be believed, it may not be the splash that Sony was hoping for.

At E3 2016, Sony also announced a gun device which works with a Move controller for FPS games: the PS VR Aim Gun.

PlayStation VR headset

Unlike its peers, the PS VR headset looks like something from science fiction. It is space-age and glowing led panels, with futuristic in style and swish lines.

In addition, it fits around the head rather than feature a top strap and therefore feels a tighter on the back and sides. It is adjustable though, and the screen and processing unit is in a box which encases your eyes, much like every other VR device out there.

Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR

Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR is perhaps the most exciting title Sony snagged. Announced at GDC 2016 and teased a bit more at E3, this game will be heading exclusively to PS VR. Further details on the gameplay are scarce apart from a glimpse of an X-Wing cockpit. However it is to be expected that folks in VR will be able to join in with regular console players and it’ll be free for the owners of the