Solo Stove has unveiled two latest stainless steel fire pits: Yukon and Ranger

We realize that wherein there’s smoke, there’s fire, however there may be a brand new breed of tenting stove this is pretty exact at hiding the telltale symptoms. The Solo stove Yukon is a clean-burning fire pit that uses a clever air float device to maintain smoke to a minimum, making for flames that may be enjoyed from all angles.

Primarily based in Texas, the group at Solo stove commenced with a small and lightweight backpacking range in 2011 and has since built out various campstoves in various sizes. The newly introduced Yukon is its biggest yet, boasting a chrome steel chamber measuring 30 inches (76 cm) across and 16 in (41 cm) tall, with a total weight of 45 lb (20 kg).

Solo Stove Yukon and Ranger Stainless Steel Fire Pits Design

Solo stove Yukon and Ranger are two well-designed fire pits based on special sizes. The Yukon measures sixteen inches high with the aid of 30 inches diameter and weighs 45 lbs, at the same time as the Ranger measures 12.5 inches high by way of 15 inches diameter and weighs 15 lbs, so you can pick between the two fashions primarily based for your demands. Each models are made from 304 chrome steel for a long lasting and lengthy-lasting construction, and the shining outdoors offers a top class sense.

Solo Stove Yukon and Ranger Stainless Steel Fire Pits Features

The Yukon and Ranger have a same air flow system to deliver a really big flame for your campfire party. The fire pits feature a double wall air flow system that pulls cool air from the bottom air vents, warms it between the walls and pumps it out over the top of the fire, which creates a second burn that burns off the small particles of wood that would have been smoke. Moreover, the precision base plate allows a continuous supply of air to reach the fire while allowing the ash to fall into the ash pan. The ash pan is raised to improve airflow and protect the surface below.

Solo Stove Yukon and Ranger Stainless Steel Fire Pits Price

The team behind Yukon and Ranger is raising fund for the two products on Kickstarter. We can pledge $199/$429 to preorder one of the stainless steel fire pits. Both models will be shipped in December 2018.