Sequent – A Kinetic Self-charging Smartwatch

sequent smartwatch

Like the smartphone, smartwatch users also suffer battery problems. One of the most common is that the device does not providing enough battery life, whether it is smartwatch or any other device. And battery concerned people always looking for that device which will solve this problem and offer enough battery life. There are many companies who will try to solve this issue and many of them achieve their goal of providing massive and powerful battery. Such as Pebble which provides nearly a week’s battery life on a single charge.

Next major and notable attempt is Sequent smartwatch, which is powered by Kinetic energy. Meaning the newly announced smart watch uses a self-charging battery system that charges as you move around.

However, the kinetic energy for watch is nothing new, some other companies also uses this technology to solve insufficient battery life problem. Seiko is one of them, which offers a watch that uses kinetic energy for nearly three decades ago. Moreover, many other companies also attempt this in other devices in order to offer enough battery life.

The question arises how does Sequent works? And how does it offer longer battery life as compared to other smart watches? When someone wears this watch and then wearers move so energy generated, which is captured and stored. The stored energy will allow the watch to function without the need of traditional battery.

The watch does not only perform those functions as the traditional watch does, but it also offer some demanding features. The features included health tracking, heart rate sensor, subtle notification, and GPS tracking as well. The Sequent smart watch will be work with both IOS and android device and it also come with its own monitoring app.

The Sequent self-charging smart watch offered by Kickstarter and will retail for $189. While the company said that the smart watch will priced at $438 when it hits retail, so this is a amazing discount offer.