Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition Unveiled In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

You might remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire and the reason behind that irregular size of batteries, which causes the overheating and the smartphone has been exploded. The South Korean electronics giant was recalled the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. And the company has recently announced that it is reconstructing the Galaxy Note 7.  Now the wait is over, the company has just launched the refurbished version of the smartphone in South Korea, starting Friday.

Samsung has decided to change the smartphone’s name, which now known as the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition. Along with this announcement, the company has also said that it will sell a limited 400,000 units in its home country. The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition is pretty similar to the stand Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. There is no difference between specs and features except battery and price.

The notable difference between both devices is the battery difference, as I mentioned above. The newly arrived Fan Edition smartphones come with a 9 percent smaller battery as compared to the Note 7, which will be offering 12.32 Wh of charge.  Aside from the battery power, the battery size is also slightly smaller than the standard version. The 3,200mAh battery weighs at 45.4 grams, but the phone size is pretty much same.

The company has also included a plenty of new features to the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition, including multiple safety designs, eye scanner, and finger print sensor as well for added security. The smartphone is water and dust proof as well and it also comes with the company’s own digital assistant Bixby. With the virtual assistant, you can do many tasks with just your voice and ask the Bixby whatever you want. The smartphone retails for KRW 699,000 (around $609).