Popular note-taking app Bear received an update across Mac and iOS


Bear is a popular note-taking app for iOS and the Mac, and it just got a little bit better in its latest update to the Evernote rival. The latest update of Bear bringing various enhancements to the Markdown app on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. What really makes this note taking app different than most other app is the ability to easily link notes to create a whole body of work, and you can easily use hashtags to organize your thoughts. Everything is now neatly stored in plain text, so it is easily transferable between different mediums.

The major change to Bear is the ability to sketch on iOS. Using a stylus or your finger user can draw sketches with the app’s pencil and marker tools similar to Apple Notes. Each tool has 3 sizes and a range of colors. Those picture then live as attachments to your text notes just like any other images you bring into Bear.


Then, app has taken cues from the new API in iOS 10.3 that allows apps to use custom icons. Bear now have 8 themes, and each one theme an accompanying icon means that Bear’s appearance on the mobile screen optionally matches the theme.

Second one iOS update is stickers for iMessage, As you expect, they encompass a bear doing a variety of things.

Lastly, Bear has been translated for three new languages: Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portugese. The update also introduces support for VoiceOver—Apple’s accessibility solution for people with visual impairment—which reads out everything on the screen for you.

Bear 1.2 is free and offers a $14.99 annual or $1.49 monthly subscription model for Pro features. Bear is now available to download for iPad and iPhone on the App Store, as well as on the Mac App Store.