Plex Cloud is now available to all Plex Pass subscribers


Again in September, Plex introduced a brand new service called Plex Cloud, a way to keep media files inside the cloud as opposed to on their personal hard drive. The feature has its attraction, frequently the easy expnsion of cloud storage relative to the huge amounts of time it takes to improve and backup 1TB+ hard drives at home. Plex Cloud has up to now best been to be had to a few users as a beta, however it is now available to all Plex Pass holders, the enterprise has revealed.

It’s not always a inexpensive way to get get right of entry to all of your films, song, and television shows on all your gadgets — you’ll must pay the $4.99 according to month or $39.99 according to year price for a Plex pass subscription, similarly to presenting the virtual space on your cloud company to certainly save your documents. Plex Cloud works with Dropbox, Google drive, and OneDrive. but irrespective of which carrier you use, you’re probable going to have to shell out a bit greater to fit your files.


Plex Cloud is a convenient alternative to running your own server, keeping the software updated and managing hard disk drives. If your ISP’s upstream speeds are awful you could also advantage from better stream quality when streaming content remotely from one of the supported cloud services instead of your home server — assuming you have a decently fast downstream connection.

The capability to store content in the cloud and access it through the server software program has been asked by means of users for a long while, and though it is now to be had, the manner to attain this point wasn’t clean, says Plex. “It seems a lot can go wrong,” the organisation says, speaking about the development technique.

Regardless, you may use the service now when you have a Plex Pass subscription starting at $4.99/month.