Phatty, the good-looking electrical scooter has two fats tires

For individuals who do not want to experience a bike, but nevertheless want a easy, quiet technique of having to local destinations, whether or not for work or for play, a personal electric powered vehicles might be an awesome alternative. One of the new electric scooter scene comes from a startup out of Phoenix, Arizona, and its Phatty models look to be a amusing and cool, but powerful mode of transportation.

The Phatty Scooters fat-tire roller appears just the like Scrooser from 2013. However, in which the latter amplifies a rider’s kick movement to get the eye-catching mover to move faster, the Phatty scooters both use a twist grip to kick inside the hub motor, which means that that the rider can take a seat or stand and zip alongside with out breaking a sweat. The Phat models are inexpensive, too.

Phatty Fat Tire Electric Scooter Design

The Phatty fat tire electric scooter is available in two version: Original and Sport. The original Phatty scooter measures 70×29.5×46.5 inches and weighs around 128 lbs. The Phatty Sport measures 62×29.5×46.5 inches and weighs around 110 lbs. Both the version feature a streamlined and minimalistic appearance design, and the Sport model has a more compact and lighter form factor. Meanwhile, the frames of Phat electric powered scooters are crafted from steel for a strong construction.

Phatty Fat Tire Electric Scooter Features

The Phatty scooters characteristic a 1200W motor and a 72V, 12Ah lithium battery so as to offer a top velocity of 20mph and as much as 50 mi using range on a single charge, and the electrical Scooters is capable of climb 30 degree hills.

Furthermore, the two models also feature two 18″ x 9.5″ tubeless fat tires that allow them to stably run on various terrains. Using electronic-ABS hydraulic disc brakes, thsi new scooters secure every rider from some emergent situations, and its ultra-bright LED headlight lights your way at night. Aside from those, customizable fenders and deck permits them to perfectly meet your personal fashion.

Phatty Fat Tire Electric Scooter Price

The Phatty and Phatty Sport electric scooters have been available for preorder. Each costs $1999 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Phat official site for its more details.