Park & Diamond, stylish and collapsible, ultra-portable bike helmet


An amazing biking helmet gives a degree of head safety for riders, potentially saving them from critical damage or maybe demise. Regardless of the extra measure of protection that a helmet gives, but, some cyclists nevertheless pick to take their chances whilst out on the road by going with out one. But a brand new company called Park & Diamond is trying to trade that via introducing a helmet that was designed to conquer the maximum common objections that riders have to these critical portions of protection device.

The Park & Diamond motorbike Helmet released a few days back on Indiegogo, bringing some intriguing capabilities along side it. For starters, the helmet is designed to resemble a baseball cap and reportedly has the consolation to match. This makes it lots extra fashionable and natural searching while in comparison to conventional biking helmets, which are regularly huge, brightly coloured, and oddly fashioned. By way of giving riders an alternative that extra carefully resembles something that they would wear when not on their motorcycles, the wish is that it’s going to take away at least one excuse for not using a helmet.

Park & Diamond Collapsible Bike Helmet Design

With its tender outer pores and skin and prominent peak, the Park & Diamond doesn’t appearance just like a widespread helmet – and that possibly method it’s doing its activity. That cloth layer is detachable, cleanable and swappable, if you sense like changing up your style between the black, grey and navy color schemes on provide.

Park & Diamond Collapsible Bike Helmet Features

But of course it’s what’s beneath there that virtually subjects. To shield the wearer’s head, the helmet is made up of layers of EVA foam, a polycarbonate shell and proprietary composite substances. in step with P&D it is that closing point that makes the helmet unique, as the ones substances are designed to higher take in and use up the strength from an impact.

Once you jump off the bike (or scooter or skateboard or whatever), the helmet can roll up into a carry case about the size of a water bottle, which can then be thrown into a backpack or handbag. The whole thing is light too, weighing just 300 g (10 oz).

Park & Diamond Collapsible Bike Helmet Price

The P&D is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, where it’s almost tripled its original target of US$50,000 in the first day of the campaign. Early Bird pledges start at $84 for one helmet or $155 for two, which is about half of the expected retail price. If all goes to plan, P&D is shooting to start shipping March next year.