Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera Recognize Faces

Nest Cam IQ

For a long time, we heard rumors about the 4K Nest camera, now finally the wait is over, the company has recently announced a new indoor security camera, touted as the Nest Cam IQ. The newly announced security camera comes with new upgraded features, including facial recognition, 4K sensor and multiple advanced features, which makes it more impressive and demanding.

As I mentioned above, it is an indoor security camera,  means that it is not weatherproof, so it is best for your house. The camera comes with a higher resolution sensor, which makes it more intelligent and allows to detect what is going on in your house. It is able to detect the familiar faces at your home, whenever it will see a strange face in your home, it will detect it and send an alert, thanks to its 4K sensor and 130 degree field of view.

When it sees a person, it will be automatically zoomed and keep an eye on that individual which it sees first time, and it is also keeping 130 degree picture view at the same time when it detects the stranger. To notify you from any kind of danger and mishap, and when it sees a strange person, it will notify you from an intelligent audio alerts. The company claims that the audio quality of the camera is more powerful and better than the previous model, that should please everyone.

At the front of the camera, there is also a light ring that can illuminate various colors. The colors will depend on the state of the camera, when it will indicate the Blue light, that means the state of the camera is two-way talking. And when it will indicate the Green light, meaning it will be watching the whole room currently.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera comes with three microphones, and another interesting thing about this camera, you will be able to communicate with your family via this Nest Cam IQ. It is available for pre-order in Nest online store and retail for $299.