Meet GoSun Fusion Solar and Electric Oven, and it goes a bit beyond solar power


GoSun’s line of solar-powered ovens has been feeding campers and outdoorsy peoples for numerous summers, but there may be one large problem to cooking with the electricity of the solar – half the time it is long past. To extend the cookouts to all hours, the corporation has now whipped up the GoSun Fusion, which adds an electric heating element to the tool.

GoSun Fusion Solar and Electric Oven Design

The GoSun Fusion is a chunk bulkier than previous models, but it’s still pretty portable inside the grand scheme of factors. It measures 22.9 x 8.4 x 8.4 in (58.2 x 21.3 x 21.3 cm) when closed, and weighs 10 lb (4.5 kg). on the plus side, the larger 3.2-L (0.8 gal) cook tray apparently has sufficient room for 5 full meals.


GoSun Fusion Solar and Electric Oven Features

Like several GoSun ovens, the Fusion functions its trademark cylindrical cooking chamber that derives its warmth from two parabolic reflectors, liable for shooting warmness from the solar and shifting it into the cooking chamber. Even as that is mainly powerful on a sunny day with lots of direct exposure to the natural electricity source, it’s not quite as useful whilst the forecast is cloudy or in the evening. However that is where the Fusion is available in. GoSun introduced a a hundred and fifty-watt electric heater to its ultra-modern product, which may be powered both the use of a car’s cigarette port or a lithium ion strength financial institution (though that expenses more). in case you need to get fancier and greater steeply-priced nonetheless, you may select to receive a solar panel charger for the battery pack, even though this appears to be a piece redundant for the reason that the entire contraption is supposed to provide an opportunity to solar electricity.

It can be powered by anything that can provide 150 W at 12 V, like a car battery, but to keep the rig as off-grid as possible, GoSun also has optional equipment that will do the job. There’s a Power bank boasting a beefy 45,000 mAh capacity and 15 V output, and that can be topped up with a folding, 20-W solar panel.

GoSun Fusion Solar and Electric Oven Price

GoSun is an old hat at crowdfunding by now, with its latest Kickstarter campaign smashing its goal two and a half times over, with 50 days still remaining. Early Bird pledges start at US$299 for the GoSun Fusion, while higher pledges add the powerbank and solar panels. If all goes to plan, the device is due to ship in April next year.