Google Home Update Brings Plenty Of New Features

google home

Google – the American multinational technology company has recently launched its latest flagship phone, Pixel 2 XL. And now the company has just launched a lot of products, but the most impressive announcement is that the company update its Google Home. The new updated version of speakers brings plenty of new features and things and makes it more powerful as compared to the previous one. The most unique and notable features are following under the head:

Now You Can Control Your Home Devices Quickly and Easily

Previously, the Google Home was able to provide information about traffic, the weather, and about the latest news, you had to say just “good morning.” And now the new update brings “good night” command as well and updated the “good morning” command. Now the speaker is capable to build routines and with just one command you can control a bunch of smart home devices.

Making Announcement Throughout Your House

With this feature, now you are able to make an announcement throughout your house. You absolutely think how is it possible? Yes, it is, but keeps in mind it works only when your phone supports Google assistant. You can tell the assistant to broadcast your message and the speaker will read loud your message. This feature is helpful when you want to get a message across to family members.

New Voice

The new updated version of Google Home now comes with the support for two voices, means the company has added another voice option for the Google Assistant. The two options are touted as the “Voice I” and “Voice II.” The company said the second voice option is having a male sounding voice.

You Can Now Send Information To Your Phone

The company has not announced this feature yet, but the reports claims that the Google will announce it very soon. With this feature, you can send queries to your smartphone. After asking a question, you just have to say “Ok Google, send this to my phone” and the speaker will send it to your smartphone. But keep in mind, this feature is limited, it only works for specific categories for the question, such as related to translation, news, weather, movies, and calendar.

Find Your Smartphone

Now the Google Home is able to find your phone as well. Just you have to say “Ok Google find my phone” and Google will start finding and within a minute your phone ringing and you can easily find your phone easily. This feature is compatible with both platforms; Android and IOS devices as well.