Flip Grip is designed to unlock vertical-mode gaming on your Nintendo Switch


Online game collectible maker Fangamer is now in search of Kickstarter investment for the flip Grip, a brand new Nintendo switch holster that helps you to more easily and portably play pick out video games of their vertical “TATE mode” orientation.

The flip Grip became first publicly mulled last April via Retronauts podcast co-host and conventional gaming professional Jeremy Parish, who’s operating with engineer Mike Choi at the tool. Parish then teased the grip in March as a way to keep the switch and two joy-Con controllers conveniently to your arms with the screen orientated vertically.

Flip Nintendo Switch Grip Design

The Flip Grip is an revolutionary and practical grip dedicatedly designed for Nintendo switch. As we will see from the photographs, the grip indicates off a low-profile and minimal look design, and the narrow shape component and form-becoming layout allows it compliant to the design of your Nintendo switch, and you additionally don’t worry about it including too much thickness to the handheld console.


Flip Nintendo Switch Grip Features

The Nintendo Switch grip consists of a single piece of durable injection-molded plastic to hold your Switch rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, and the custom rails keep the Joy-Cons in place for handheld gaming. Furthermore, using built-in rubber bump, the adapter securely holds your Switch and prevents it from falling out during active gaming sessions. Meanwhile, it remains the game card, SD card slots and the headphones jack accessible. Just pulling gently on the small release tab on the back side, you can easily remove the grip from the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the grip also serves as a Switch stand that props up the console in vertical mode.

Flip Nintendo Switch Grip Price

The team behind Flip Grip is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $12 to preorder the Nintendo Switch grip. It will be shipped in November 2018.