Enjoy a superior audio experience when you tune in with the RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic In-Ear Headphones


Planar magnetic headphones don’t use the magnet-and-coil motive force typical to most cans. Rather, they use a hard and fast but bendy diaphragm that undulates to create sound. RHA is the primary business enterprise to pay attention this tech into wired-free earbuds (the kind that are tethered to a Bluetooth collar that hangs round your neck). The CL2 Planar earphones are an outstanding, and luxurious, engineering feat, but how do they sound?

With each wired and wired-fess options, these expensive earbuds function a innovative 10mm planar magnetic driver inside. As a result, you get impressively accurate audio as the artist intended it to be heard. Available for the first time in wired and wired-free options, the CL2 Planar is entire with detachable MMCX ceramic housings. Likewise, they characteristic 3.5mm oxygen-free copper in addition to balanced 2.5mm silver-coated cables. Utilizing aptX technology, the CL2 Planar supply a 12-hour experience way to the Bluetooth neckband. Subsequently, the CL2 Planar comes with a folding carrying case, a convey pouch, flight adapters, and a sports clip in addition to multiple comfort tips.

Externally, the CL2s hold RHA’s acquainted look, showing no outward symptoms of the brand new technology interior. With three cable alternatives — one among them being a wireless neckbud setup with USB-C charging — these just seem like a finely polished pair of flagship-class earphones along the same traces as AKG’s $1,000 N5005. RHA is pricing its new top-tier product in that same category, asking for $899.95 / €799.95 / £799.95 for the CL2 Planar.