Electrolux Purchase Of Popular Sous Vide Maker Anova For $250 Million


Popular Sous Vide Maker Anova recently announced that it had finalized a $250 million dollar allot to be acquired by Electrolux, the top appliance maker. As part of their deal, Anova Culinary will keep its own branding and remain under the Svajian leadership as a division within Electrolux.

Anova is known for its Anova Precision Cooker, an immersion circulator that controls the temperature of a water bath you would use for sous vide cooking. Here is how sous vide works: You simply put a cut of meat or another food item into a plastic bag and remove the air as much as you can from the inside. Then you put the bag into a container of water. A sous vide machine like Anova Precision Cooker will heat that water to the temperature you set and maintain that temperature while your food cooks inside the plastic bag.


Electrolux says that it’ll seek to have Anova maintain its unique culture, that Svajian has been cultivating since the company got its start in 2013. According to company’s press statement, ‘Anova Culinary will continue to work under current CEO and co-founder Stephen Svajian’s leadership’.

User can already purchase this system from places like Best Buy, Target and Amazon, but now you start seeing this at more big chains like Walmart, Bed, & Bath and Sears and Beyond. Do not be surprised to see the prices drop below the $99.99 entry point and into impulse-buy territory.

With the inclusion of Anova, Electrolux now may be able to up the game when it comes to smart, and connected devices. ‘This is a space we’re developing in and learning in and this is a way for us to accelerate that learning in terms of smart, and connected devices,’ Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelson said.

If you have not had a chance to slowly cook your food in a bag for hours on end, then your time is coming. With the glee of sous vide capturing the attention of bigger appliance maker like Electrolux, non-foodies will also want pick one up.