Yamazaki Kitchen Utensil Holder

Yamazaki kitchen utensil holder delivers an stylish manner to hold your kitchen utensils, and adjustable sink drain continues them dry in vicinity. Suitable for any kitchen, the Yamazaki utensil holder comes with a integrated adjustable drain spout, allowing water to empty properly. Just place the utensil holder next to the sink and role the swivel drain spout for clean access. This on hand functions additionally way you now not must store the holder in a dish rack. Proposing two big cubicles, the Yamazaki holder provides individual slots to separate your kitchen utensils. Likewise, it works with each long and quick tools. In place of storing your utensils in a drawer or cabinet, you could use the holder to prepare them on your countertop. Made from ABS resin, the holder is long lasting and stain resistant. Plus, it additionally fits any kitchen way to its all white enamel.

Yamazaki Kitchen Utensil Holder Design

That is a beautifully designed and sensible kitchen device organizer that measures 3.5 x 6.3 x 7.1 inches and weighs 13.4 oz. As we are able to see from the snap shots, the kitchen utensil holder functions a zen-style, minimalistic look layout, and the strong white enamel and compact profile allow it to match well with distinct kitchen styles.

Yamazaki Kitchen Utensil Holder

The kitchen utensil holder has two individual slots to accommodate and keep various utensils organized like spatulas, tongs, ladles, spoons, whisks and more. Furthermore, the kitchen tool organizer comes equipped with a built-in adjustable drain spout, so you can conveniently place it next to any drain for easy access, and it always keeps the interior dry. Moreover, the holder is made from ABS resin and it’s stain resistant for a durable and long-lasting construction.

Yamazaki Kitchen Utensil Holder Price

The kitchen utensil holder is priced at $16.95 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details. Want more efficient then this, then Estilo EST0286 Stainless steel Utensil Holder is best option that’s unveiled at edtech conference.