DJI Launched New Accessories For The Mavic Pro Today

DJI simply delivered a hard and fast of beneficial Mavic pro add-ons. Their smallest and most versatile drone, the DJI Mavic seasoned has recently started transport and acquired some very fantastic critiques both by way of amateurs in addition to experts. The foldable little aerial platform might be the drone marketplace chief’s maximum successful product ever. The version expects to stay a fave of drone users with the release of recent accessories including the Propeller Cage, Propeller protect, and Battery Charging Hub, Cinema 5D reports.

The Propeller Cage

DJI introduces new Mavic seasoned add-ons that guard the Mavic seasoned’s propellers, offering an extra degree of safety and protection for the duration of flight. The Propeller Cage mounts at the Mavic seasoned’s fingers and absolutely encircles a hard and fast of barely smaller 7728 brief-release Folding Propellers, even as the Propeller guard only places a barrier across the propellers.


The Propeller Cage is probably ideal for the ones beginning out with flying and want to keep away from hurting someone. With the extra weight of the Propeller cage, sadly the Mavic seasoned’s maximum flight time is reduced from 25 to simplest 12 minutes.

The Propeller guard

the second flight protection accent is the propeller shield. As noted it simplest places a barrier around the drone which additionally looks like a wonderful protection. unluckily there’s no phrase on decreased flight time, but I’m guessing that it’s also considerably much less than whilst flying with out the protection.

The Battery Charging Hub

The advanced Battery Charging Hub for Mavic seasoned is a fees as much as 4 clever Flight Batteries in a single consultation. The batteries could be charged in collection consistent with their power tiers, from high to low. It’s also like minded with the Phantom 4 series 100W charger which could similarly lessen the charging time. You need the charger itself in mixture with the hub.