Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses brings much needed relief to your eyes

Barner 2.0 is now being brought to the world on Kickstarter as “the ultimate laptop glasses,” as they fuse style with fitness benefits for those who spend a large quantity of time indoors searching at digital monitors.

The extraordinary eyewear designs are designed to help guard the eyes from the damaging blue light that is emitted via all forms of digital gadgets. In particular, this new series of lenses is said to “block 40% of the Blue light on the harmful spectrum and 100% of the Blue light at 410nm.”

Many digital device customers are turning to blue light-blocking off glasses to keep away from the signs of digital eye strain, which includes everything from headaches and neck pain to trouble concentrating or drowsing.

Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses Features

The Barner 2.0 computer glasses are available in a selection of various styles and finishes and block dangerous blue mild from accomplishing your retina. permitting you to sense more energizing and more cozy, with much less headaches or red and itchy eyes say their creators.

“Barner Eyewear is the correct mixture among health and fashion. Monitors are a part of our daily lifestyles now and that is why we suppose PC glasses ought to be a no-brainer tool to use on a each day foundation. Your new Barners won’t just assist you sleep higher and enhance your fitness; now they arrive with an evolved Blue light blocking off lens for higher protection, and a high-quality and colourful design to maintain your cool fashion wherever you cross! That’s the motive why we positioned lot of attempt into creating fashionable and cozy eyewear which at the same time has the excellent protection in your eyes.”

Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses Price

Barner can be bought as neutral lenses as well as prescription lenses. The company has turned to Kickstarter earlier this month to raise funds for production.

Price: €89 and up
Funding open:
€28,568 pledged of €18,000 goal
29 days to go
Estimated delivery: February 2019