Asus has announced its new Lyra Trio multi-hub mesh Wi-Fi system

ASUS Lyra Trio

There may be little these days that differentiate houses and small workplaces in terms of network needs. A couple of devices, expanded net usage, and nontrivial room layouts go away easy home routers ineffective. Occasionally you even want extra than just one router to cowl all your bases. For those times, you’d want a WiFi mesh instead and ASUS is positioning its Lyra Trio, first found out at 2018 it conferences, as the correct blend of power, ease of use, and peace of thoughts.

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the Asus Lyra Trio within the US, with shipments expected to start in early May. Availability schedule for other areas is yet to be revealed.

ASUS Lyra Trio

Despite their wireless nature, there are numerous methods for a WiFi signal to by no means attain a positive “useless spot” in your own home. Those encompass the distance from the router, partitions among the router and the tool, and different home equipment that can interfere with the sign. WiFi meshes try and remedy those troubles through scattering nodes that enlarge and repeat WiFi signals transparently. ASUS boasts that the Lyra Trio can efficaciously cover as much as 5,400sq ft and that its unique pyramid design permits alerts to tour vertically, protecting a couple of floors as well.

The Lyra’s ease of use extends to its protection. One-click firmware updates make sure you’ve got the cutting-edge security patches hooked up at the same time as fashion Micro’s cloud-based AiProtection classic protects towards net malware even the devices which can’t installation their very own antivirus software program. The WiFi mesh additionally comes with built-in parental controls to empower parents to guard their children whilst additionally regulating their internet use.

The routers are set up and controlled through Asus’s Lyra app; the process does not require a laptop at any point. They have got all of the equal bells and whistles as last year’s set, like parental controls and Trend Micro protection—the complete nine.

It has been a long time coming but the ASUS Lyra Trio is finally ready. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon with a $299.99 USD price tag for a three-pack. The product launches on May 1.