Anker announced two power banks certified by Nintendo


The Nintendo Switch is getting official power banks. Anker has partnered with the organisation to bring its variety of power banks to the Nintendo switch. Dubbed as the Anker PowerCore Nintendo switch edition, there are two of them, one is 13400mAh and the alternative is 20100mAh. Both sport the same design as Anker’s other power banks and feature the Nintendo switch brand. The Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo switch edition charge is $69.99 whilst the Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo switch edition charge is $89.99.

Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank Nintendo Switch Edition Features

The former comes with a 20,100mAh battery inside that Anker claims will allow for an extra 15 hours of playtime to your switch even as the latter is smaller at 13,400mAh and around 9 hours extra.

In realistic terms, meaning that Anker’s promise of speedy charging won’t burn down the switch. Anker says that its new Nintendo-certified PowerCore 20100 and PowerCore 13400 power banks can charge the switch from zero to a 100 % in just underneath 3 hours. And that’s even whilst the usage of the tool.

That feat is actually thanks to the USB-C power delivery enterprise standard. That does mean that the power banks may be used to charge other matters so long as they guide the wattage. As their name implies, the PowerCore 20100 and PowerCore 13400 have 20,100 mAh and 13,400 mAh capacities. The PowerCore 20100 advertises to feature 15 greater hours for your playing whilst the PowerCore 13400 only offers 9 hours more.

Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank Nintendo Switch Edition Price

It seems almost counterintuitive and ironic that you need a proprietary certification for an industry standard, but such is how the business world rolls. The Anker Nintendo Switch Edition power banks will be available later this month from and GameStop and will cost $69.99 for the PowerCore 13400 and $89.99 for the PowerCore 20100.