Month: October 2016


How Food Industries Use Hydraulic Systems

Because millions of people eat chicken in the United States, thousands of processing facilities rely on hydraulic systems. The equipment helps workers pack and ship over 37 billion pounds of poultry. Americans buy more than 80 pounds of chicken annually, so the equipment at the most profitable production plants are used heavily. Basic Functions When […]

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2018 Volkswagen Atlas
Auto Reviews

2018 Volkswagen Atlas First Look: Three-Row CUV Debuts With ‘Massive Interior’

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas isn’t the Microbus some of us have been hoping for, but the crossover is a crucially important vehicle for the automaker. It comes right as VW begins to recover from its diesel emissions crisis and it finally gives VW a three-row crossover to take on well-established competitors such as the Honda […]

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Apps & Software

Apple Unveiled A New App For TvOS & iOS

Apple has just announced a new ‘TV’ app for Apple TV that aggregates TV shows from video content apps. Building on universal search, the new TV app unifies the TV experience into a single interface from all installed video apps. The TV app is supposed to keep track all the shows you watch across apps […]

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Phillips electric toothbrush
Consumer Tech

This $199 Bluetooth-Connected Toothbrush Improve Your Oral Hygiene Technique

Philips Sonicare launched a new smart toothbrush that connects to an app via Bluetooth. The new toothbrush, which goes by the unnecessarily long name the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, combines a variety of sensors in the handle to track in the real time how you are brushing your teeth. The brush itself is about […]

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Mobile & Gadget

WalabotDIY Is The Stud Finder Of The Future

Vayyar Imaging, a San Francisco-based 3D-imaging sensor company, launched a new toy that, at the very least, will become the favorite tool of every home remodeler. The new WalabotDIY is a 3D imaging tool that offers consumers the chance to enjoy a ‘Superman vision’ when it comes to tackling home renovation projects, construction and DIY […]

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Health Tech

Eizo Expands Portfolio Of Curator Surgical Panels With Additional Monitor Sizes, 8 Megapixel, And Touchscreen Options

EIZO GmbH announces new standard models within its portfolio of CuratOR Surgical Panels. The existing selection of models is now expanded to include additional monitor sizes, touchscreen models, and a large screen with up to 8 megapixel resolution. EIZO has responded to the numerous customer requests for pre-configured models in the CuratOR Surgical Panel range. […]

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How The Internet Helps Us Enjoy Gaming More

It’s pretty clear that the world of gaming has been altered by the internet. And this doesn’t just apply to online gaming. Any types of games we enjoy to play have been transformed by the power and influence of the internet. There are so many ways we can boost our gaming experiences by going online. […]

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