Month: July 2016


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Taking Your Home Business Seriously

So, you’ve started a home business. Showing that initiative and finding a way to sell your own skills and expertise is already plenty admirable. But it’s not a recipe for success just yet. There are plenty of home business owners that barely get their feet a few inches off the ground. That’s because they’re not […]

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Health Tech

Kingmax AirQ Check, Air Quality Equipment Mobile

A well-known brand in the memory module industry, Kingmax officially introduced surveillance AirQ Check, air quality equipment mobile at Computex 2016. That its research team has spent many years to research and development. This portable device allows users to check air quality around them anytime, anywhere. When inserted to a smartphone, it connects to an […]

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Here’s Why The Age Of Gaming PCs Will Never Die

It’s no secret that we live in a digital age. One where it will soon be possible to play computer games without needing a PC! The biggest thing to hit the tech world since the Internet is cloud computing. Long used by businesses, it’s something that consumers can take advantage of as well. There will […]

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Apps & Software

Google Updates Android With Nearby, Feature Will Alert You To Apps

Google unveiled a new Android feature called Nearby, which will suggest applications that can be helpful to you, given your current location. While the company did not specifically say that Nearby is meant to be used with Instant Apps, it follows a natural progression and Instant Apps is still in testing, but it makes sense […]

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Consumer Tech

Creating The Perfect Home Office

Setting up your home office is an important job for anyone who works freelance. You want to be sure that you have the best internet connection possible, of course. But beyond that, you’ll need other infrastructure in your space. The basics of a perfect home office include work station(s) and ambience. When designing the perfect […]

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2017 Maserati Quattroporte
Auto Reviews

2017 Maserati Quattroporte First Drive

When German companies launch a new luxury sedan, they chat about more power, better economy, and leveraged links to Silicon Valley’s hottest microchip and graphics powerhouses. It’s not like that in Italy. The Mediterranean peninsula only has one authentic maker of luxury sedans, and cutting-edge consumer technology has never been Maserati’sforte. Beautiful cars, sure. Compelling […]

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Mobile & Gadget

Samsung Charm Is Sleek Wearable With A Killer Looks

Samsung recently announced its Charm wearable, a kind of minimalistic fitness tracker. Now, the device is finally nearing it’s commercial debut. Unlike the Gear Fit, the Charm is a much more creative looking, stylish offering, and the first from Samsung to not primarily focus on just a display. It is a pretty functional wearable, but […]

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